Education Outreach


Dance Plus Ballroom has been integral in providing and fostering dance instruction to the Columbus community.

For over 40 years, Ron Clark has worked with Upper Arlington schools to introduce grade school children to social dance and etiquette.

The program has grown to include Worthington, Grandview, Columbus School for Girls, Wellington, Columbus Academy, Diocesan and Dublin City Schools.

Dance Clubs give students an opportunity to step into adulthood with dance as a foundation for social interaction. Respect, courtesy, and confidence are emphasized as the students learn fast dances, line dances, and slow dances.

Education-Outreach-0060Generations of students have been a part of these Dance Clubs, and some of the parents of today’s students were once participants in previous classes.The social skills and dance moves learned years ago are still being used today.The culmination of some Dance Clubs ends with parents dancing with their young adult sons and daughters.

Here, the students demonstrate to their parents the skills they have learned, and the parents see their children interacting as adults for the first time.


Dance Plus also works to provide dance instruction to other parts of the Columbus community. Classes for seniors and special needs groups are designed to bring the joy of dancing to all. The great exercise and therapeutic value of music and motion that these programs give to the participants are immeasurable.

We are proud of the legacy of dancing we have brought to Columbus.  Dancing has positive impacts on so many levels and benefits so many people in so many different ways.

Providing a variety of instruction to diverse groups helps us to reach many people and share with them the beauty of dance.

Contact us to find a way to bring dance into your world.

Dance Club & Educuation Outreach