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Neil James Duncan

This Sunday, February 8th, will be my last day as a teacher at Dance Plus Ballroom in Columbus, OH. I’ve had the chance to work in such a wonderful atmosphere for the past 5 years.

In my time here, I’ve met countless intriguing people who I have grown to love and care about. I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of the owners and my coworkers.
On a daily basis I’ve had the opportunity to work one on one with men, women, and couples. Every time a new student walked in the door a friendship was formed. From the youngest student to the oldest, each one had something to share with me.

In the process they’ve taught me some wonderful things about life, while I’ve taught them a few good things about ballroom dancing. Every Friday night was another chance to connect with these friends, relaxing and having fun as we had open dancing for anyone in the community.

Over the years, I’ve had the chance to teach thousands of middle school students in different after school social etiquette courses. During each 4 week program, these young men and young ladies were educated on how to treat each other with kindness and respect. The gentlemen learned how to escort their partner for any event, as the ladies learned to cross their legs when wearing a skirt.

They all learned to talk to each other, connecting and bonding as they held each other, many of them slow dancing for the first time in their lives. They rocked out to current pop songs. They did line dances. They learned how to relax and have fun in a very positive way.

Most importantly, they learned how to give a firm handshake, look their partners in the eye, introduce others, speak to adults. I’m grateful for the opportunity I had to work with so many youth.

I’m sad to be leaving such a good group of people. I’m grateful for everybody here who has ever taken a chance on me to work with them and teach them. I’ve had some fun times getting the chance to perform with many students at dance competitions and our studio recitals.

As I leave, I will miss the good times shared and positive energy that has come from so many people. I’m now getting ready to leave the midwest after six years, and will miss all of you Ohioans!

- Neil James Duncan

Dance Plus Ballroom
Cha Cha
Neil Duncan & Denise Steele

Dance Plus Ballroom
Neil Duncan & Bethany Fleece

Dance Plus Ballroom
Neil Duncan & Adelle Faulkner