Wedding Lessons

Wedding LessonsPrivate or Group Lessons are available to help you make your wedding dance something special!

Use Wedding Lessons to help you create a wedding dance specially tailored for your selected  music.

Whether you are a bride and groom, or the father of the bride, or part of the wedding party, dance lessons will start you on the right foot towards many cherished memories.

We offer lessons for:

The “Wedding Dances” have become an important part of this special Day:

The Bride and Groom’s First Dance

These lessons are fun and personalized to your selected music.  We will instruct the Groom how to escort the Bride to the dance floor, spin, embrace, dip, and the dance start steps.

What a great way to spend time with the one you love, plus learn a skill that will be used the rest of your lives.

You will WOW your guests!

The Father-Bride Dance

We will use your music and teach you a routine that will provide memories for a lifetime.  This is a beautiful and sentimental way to show a father’s love for his daughter.

The Mother-Groom Dance

Equally important, the Mother-Groom Dance embraces that special bond between a mother and son.

Bring your music to the first lesson.

You may wish to include the entire Bridal Party in special group lessons. Please discuss these options with your instructor.

Our “Wedding Crash Course” is also periodically available. Check the Group Class Schedule for current dates and times.

Dance Plus Ballroom . . . making memories for your special day!

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