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Multiselect For Youtube Add Multiple Videos To Playlist To Another?

If you’re not familiar with YouTube playlists, it’s time to get on the internet’s most entertaining bandwagon. Why? If you’re interested in something, there’s a YouTube playlist for it.

Want to listen to the best new house music of 2019? There’s a playlist for that. Want to watch every Game of Thrones scene featuring Daenerys Targaryen? There’s a playlist for that. Want to maximise your video SEO on YouTube? You guessed it – there’s a playlist for that.

In the information age, YouTube has put everything from trending tunes to industry-leading thought leaders right at your fingertips. But as a marketer and brand builder, did you know you can use YouTube playlists as a customer engagement tool? In this blog, we’re going to explain how you can create, edit, and maximise YouTube playlists to grow your brand and enhance your video marketing strategy.

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What is a YouTube playlist?

A YouTube playlist is a collection of videos that play in order, one after another, automatically. Think of it as a music playlist you might create on Spotify or Apple Music, but for videos.

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When one video finishes up, the next one in the queue comes on screen without the user taking action. And just like music playlists, you can shuffle YouTube playlists to keep things fresh.

YouTube playlists come in all shapes and sizes. For example, if you wanted to waste some time today, you could search for “best Vine playlists” and find gems like these to add a laugh to your midday break.

That’s it! If you can do those basic functions, you’ve just earned your black belt in YouTube playlist editing.

Wrapping up

Now that you’ve made your first playlist, there are plenty of other things you can do to amplify your reach and maximise your impact on the second-most popular search engine in the world. First check out our guide on how to earn a YouTube verification to add legitimacy and credibility to your account. Then take a look at how to optimise your YouTube SEO to show up in more search results, reach your target audience, and ultimately meet your video marketing goals.

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