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Youtube Jimi Hendrix Angel ” Cover (Jimi Hendrix) By Chris Arles

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Richard Fitzsimmons from Kahuluiworld of works from the elites and the deitiesJonas from Stockholm, SwedenThe guitar sound is very different because Jimi used a special kind of harp-amplifier during the recording. The song is so beautiful, I really love the solo version as well.Kirk from Fayetteville , ArI just heard a really fantastic cover by the band Vinegar Joe, on the album Rock and Roll Gypsies. Elkie Brooks is on lead vocals, with Robert Palmer singing backup. It doesn”t have the power of Hendrix on gutar, but the vocals are smokin”!!!Aaron from Miami, FlDoes anyone know the story behind the solo version? Where/how was it recorded?David from Youngstown, OhIt”s just an opinion, but Rod Stewart”s version, to me, is superior. The lyrics are so visual and beautiful. Jimi was an excellent songwriter in addition to his other superhuman music talents.John from St Louis, MoFiona apple did a great cover of this as wellOldpink from New Castle, InSimply beautiful, and I love the odd effect Jimi uses with the oscillator.I saw Amanda Marshall cover this live some time ago, when she opened for John Mellencamp, and she did it quite well.Nothing compares to the master”s original, though, of course.Robert from Bolivar, Mojimmy wrote this song after a dream he had where he saw his mother standing in the shade of blowing tree leaves telling him, guess i wont be seeing you anymoreBri from Orange, CaPurple haze also came from a dream that jimi hadDetlev from Geneva, IlIn his dream, Jimi talks about the shadow of leaves from a tree crossing her face as she says goodbye to him. She was not in a good way to care for him and it split the family apart which happens more than once to Jimi. What”s sad is the legacy of infighting after Jimi died which left the song catalog in the trust of family he never knew in life, (family his father started once remarried). They all scrap for Jimi”s estate earnings while Leon, Jimi”s brother (who Jimi knew and protected) is left in a bad way these days.Meghan from Canberra, AustraliaI think this song is so beautiful and sad, hendrix couldn”t be with his mother in reality and so dreamt about her, as a kind of gaurdian angel. His mother died when he and his brother were still children and his father refused to take them to her funernal and gave them money to take the bus instead, they were so traumatised they didn”t go.Steven from West Carrollton, OhSorry, Johnny of L.A.- but Jimi”s is the best. In my opinion, if a high-profile musician, such as Mr. Hendrix here, can write and record a song about their mother or father(Prince”s Purple Rain), then that can touch an audience in a great way.Johnny from Los Angeles, CaJust listened to Rod Stewart”s version. This is better.Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThere is a dcever by Rod Stuart, but this version I think is the best. It”s one of Hendricks classics.see more comments

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