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Baby Trend Jogging Stroller Tire Replacement, Baby Trend Wheels/Tire Stroller Parts For Sale

If you have a broken/popped tire, you will need to get a inner tube replacement for Baby Trend stroller. While buying one, make sure you check if its meant for the rear or the front wheel.

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There are several reasons why you may need one – because of thorn, rough surface, threw it in the car with other things, and so on.

Inner tube for Baby Trend stroller (by Durader)

This is not the entire wheel, but only the rubber tire part. This is to be used as the inner tube (goes inside) for the tire.

Compatibility: Baby Trend: Expedition LX Jogger – Elixer, Expedition EX Jogger- Edge, Expedition LX Jogger – Sophie, Expedition LX Jogger – Riviera, Expedition LX Jogger – Gracie, Expedition LX Jogger – Sonic, Expedition Jogger – Sonic Expedition LX Jogger -v Vision, Expedition LX Jogger – Skylar, Expedition Jogger – Granite, Expedition Jogger – Kayla, Expedition Jogger – Carbon, Expedition Jogger – Hanna, Expedition Jogger – Ion, Expedition Jogger – Grey Mist, Expedition Jogger – Vanguard, Expedition Jogger – Rocket, Expedition Jogger – Quartz, Expedition Jogger – Mojito, Expedition Jogger – Expedition Jogger – Phantom, Columbia, Range Jogger – Liberty, Velocity Lite Jogger- Black Knight, Velocity Jogger – Cobblestone, Velocity Jogger – Matrix, Expedition EX Jogger- Fusion, Expedition SX Jogger – Raven, Expedition SX Jogger – Americana, Double Jogger w/Speakers – Elixer, Expedition Double Jogger – Green Tea, Expedition Jogger, ect.

Compatible with all Baby Trend strollers including Expedition series, and others.Tube expands to fit baby stroller.Valve Type: Straight Valve.Fits rear wheels (16″)Long lasting pneumatic tube.Its easy to fix.


Inner Tube for Baby trend Expedition series

Jolik 16 Inner Tube 16″ x 1.5 to 1.75 Tube compatible with Baby trend Expedition jogging strollers and various other strollers.

Specification: Material – Thick Butyl Rubber, Weight – 0.23lb, Size – 16*1.5/1.75Features:Thick butyl rubber for low lead, offers heat resistance, delay aging and longer service lifeNeedn’t to refill for 3-6 months, Strong air tightness Tube valve

Rear Tire for Baby Trend stroller (by Lineament)

High quality. Firm grip on all types of surfaces (cobblestones, slippery conditions like icy roads). Rough terrain wheels offers Extra traction. Long lasting pneumatic tire.

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Give your child a smooth ride. Ideal for use on the beach or in the park.

Dimensions: 16 inch x 1.75 inch.Fits on rear wheelsBaby Trend Compatibility: All Expedition/Jogger/Push chair (Rear wheel), LX Jogging Stroller (ALL 3 16 inch wheels), Double Stroller (ALL 3 16 inch wheels).

REAR Inner Tubes (16″ Twin Pack) for Baby Trend Expedition Stroller/Jogger/Push Chair

If you own a Baby Trend Expedition stroller, jogger or pushchair, and are looking for replacement for your rear tubes, these 16″ twin pack from Schwalbe is the perfect solution.

These are easy to install, are fairly thick, and hold up well. It may seem a bit expensive though. But you get almost new set of tires.

More Features of these twin Pack 16″ REAR Inner Tubes for BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller:

You get a set of two premium quality Schwalbe inner tubesThese are ‘puncture resistant’. The higher quality butyl rubber gives better protection on any kind of surfaceUnlike other tubes, there’s less requirement to re-inflate because its SUPER AIR TIGHTSKYSCAPE VALVE CAPS – Rubber sealing inside gives 3x more air retention over plastic caps

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Baby Trend Stroller Inner Tube (Front Wheel)

Own a Baby Trend stroller and are looking for inner tube replacement. This Baby Trend Stroller inner tube is perfect for your Front Wheel.

Its easy to install, the replacement tube goes into the rim of the front wheel without any issues, and you can pump it up in less than a minute.

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Here are main features of the Baby Trend Stroller Inner Tube:

This replacement part is designed to fit only front wheelsCompatible with all Baby Trend strollers Expedition series.Tube expands to fit baby stroller.Valve Type: Straight Valve.Comes with long lasting pneumatic tube.

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2 x BABY TREND EXPEDITION Stroller/Jogger/Push Chair REAR Inner Tubes 16″ – Straight/Auto Valve FREE Shipping FREE Upgraded Skyscape Metal Valve Caps (Worth 4.99)

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