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Mh4U Best High Rank Armor – So What’S The Best High Rank Armor Set

There’s probably several threads on this, but I haven’t been able to find any. What’s a good set to use for High Rank? Everyone talks about G-Rank and LR, but I haven’t seen any threads about HR. I primarily use Charge Blade and currently have Velociprey S armor.

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Even if you prefer mixed sets, good armor skills to look for would be appreciated. They aren’t explained super well in-game unless you already have a piece that has it, so yeah.

I’m currently waiting to finish Ukanlos, and this set has helped me go through a lot of High Rank:

Skull Visage

Velociprey Mail S

Gravios Vambraces S

Chrome Metal Coil

Tetsucabra Greaves S

With no charm and two extra slots (probably weapon) you can have Sharpness +1, Attack Up (M), Speed Sharpening and Halve Stun; I have an Attack +9 oo- charm and that gets me to Attack Up (XL).

I love my Azure Rathian Set. Keep in mind i have a +8 Psychic Talisman. Skills: Critical Eye +3 Earplugs Razor Sharp (Love this because I use DB’s) Detect (Talisman+Jewel)

You can find some interesting HR mixed sets here.

But Velociprey S could get you to G-rank if you upgrade it.

Azure Rath’s set is a common set to get you into G.

Personally i went Jaggi S > Pink Rath > Dahren Mohran > Regios X

I upgraded Mohran till i needed tru spheres and it was 100ish a piece so i was able to hit 500 defence to get through G1.

Pick 1 set and upgrade the hell out of it basically. In G1 i saw a lot of people with 400-450 armor and they wilted to the heavy hits. When i made Regios X i had enough heavy spheres to put it right to needing Tru spheres so i sit around 580 armor now.

Brachy took me to G2. It was rough but it holds up well till G1.

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Take your time in HR tho. I spent maybe 100 hours (which I admit was too much, bit it is my first full MH experience) in HR. And it was a blast. G rank is a whole different playing field so you need to develop good habits early.

Feel like I’m in the small minority, but I really enjoyed the Brute Tigrex set — you can get HG Earplugs and Fast Eating +2 along with some other nice skills with the right talisman/gems, so you’re not pausing very much while you’re fighting your way to G-Rank

I got through G1 with Nerscylla high-rank armor. With a 3-slot gem and a 3-slot hunting horn I managed to gem in negate poison (just needed 1 jewel), earplugs and Maestro. Negate Poison is pretty nifty and can keep Moxie from being useless against high or G1 bosses with poison. It’s an incredible capturing set as well and perception is a wonderful morale boost when you see that the monster is low on health, even if you don’t plan on capturing it.

In hindsight, I shouldn’t have kept it for so long, but it’s very easy to make once you hit early high-rank.

Velociprey S carried me for most of HR, until I could farm Regios S.

Gemmed in Attack Up XL, Negate Stun, and Autotracker. The last of the three allowed me to get used to the random quest starting points without fear of the monster as I (sometimes) made my way back to camp. Attack Up XL made me a powerhouse, and Negate Stun allowed me to survive several wombo combos that would have otherwise left me wide open for the killing blow.

After farming for the Zinogre great sword, I went after Regios S by farming it in the Yukumo Sweetheart DLC mission (the one on the boat). That set carried me all the way to G-Rank (with some stops to farm HR Kushala Daora armor along the way…to help me farm for Teostra weapons)

As a CB user, I used the Tetsucabra armor that gives you health up, def up, speed sharpening, and gathering down, with a few decorations put in to get health +50 and defense up (m). This set was purely used for hunting, I had a separate set for gathering.

I never had to worry about having less than max health and getting hit didn’t hurt quite as badly while I learned monster attack patterns. Upgrading it really helped as well – I was sitting around 500 armor and completed all the caravan quests and up to 7* gathering hall quests solo.

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It’s not a terrible looking set either imo

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