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RiceGum Wiki, Biography, Age, Career

Bryan Quang Le, better known as RiceGum on social media, was born on November 19, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. His parents are both immigrants: his father is Vietnamese and his mother is Chinese. Growing up, RiceGum attended Sierra Vista High School and later attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas before he dropped out to pursue his career online. 

As of September 2021, RiceGum has more than 10.3 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.7 million followers on Instagram, 2.7 million followers on Twitter, 1.2 million followers on Twitch, 750,000 followers on Facebook, and 917,800 followers on TikTok. 

RiceGum started his career on YouTube as a gamer and when he started his channel in 2012, he would start out by streaming himself playing games. In one of his first videos, he was playing Modern Warfare 3. He focused on building his streaming profiles on gaming sites like Twitch and Major League Gaming as well as he continued to grow. 

In 2015, RiceGum started the “These Kids Must Be Stopped” series on YouTube, which went viral and gained him millions of followers over time. The video is a rant about four people on the video-sharing platform 

RiceGum has since become perhaps best known for his diss tracks and online feuds with other social media personalities. He has been involved with feuds with several online personalities, including PewDiePie, iDubbbzTV, and TikTok star and ex-girlfriend Abby Rao. 

He’s also come under fire for his live, insensitive comments about sexual assault, in which he asked a victim of sexual assault “Did it feel good though?” Some people have called RiceGum the white Logan Paul. 

One of his most controversial videos happened in 2018. For a period of time, RiceGum lived in the Clout House, a collaborative with content creators all living in the same house. In 2018, he uploaded a video titled “Why I left the Clout House (I’m sorry).” The video was later removed by YouTube for violation of policy. Instead of explaining why he had decided to leave the house, RiceGum filmed himself around Hong Kong. The video featured a number of things many people found offensive, including walking up to a person in the airport and quoting the movie Rush House (“Do you understand the word that’s coming out of my mouth?”), ridiculing the person for not speaking English. At one point in the video, he vandalized a storefront and put the mannequins in inappropriate positions. 

RiceGum received a huge amount of backlash for the video and responded with a video called “Why Everyone In China Hates Me… ” At the end of the video, he apologizes, though many considered it insincere. He defends himself by saying they were just joking around. 

In addition to social media, RiceGum appeared in a Monster headphones commercial during Super Bowl LII. He plays a man on the subway inspired by Iggy Azalea to build headphones from scratch. 

RiceGum has received several accolades for his work in the music industry. In 2017, Billboard ranked him at number 25 on their Billboard Emerging Artists chart. 

His song “It’s Every Night Sis,” a response to a Logan Paul song, was certified platinum in March 2018 by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). 

RiceGum’s personal life has come under fire too. When RiceGum and TikTok star Abby Rao broke up, the two had a public break-up and fight. The pair had a messy break up and at one point, RiceGum went live on Twitch and started trash talking Abby and her mother. He has also claimed he owns five percent of Abby due to a contract they allegedly signed while dating. Abby is reportedly looking to take legal action. 

In a public game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill,” RiceGum called out his ex Abby: “I’m killing Abby. Murdering, assassinating, hire a hit, murder, all that. You know what I’m saying? Torture, all that. Kill Abby. Boom,” he said. 

RiceGum sells his own merchandise, available to purchase through his website.


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