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The Division Best Dark Zone Build For Division, The Division

Upon reaching the end game in The Division, Dark Zone PvP becomes one of the primary activities for max level players. This article will focus on how to build the best character for PvP to help you survive against rogue players and hostile threats in the Dark Zone.

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High level bosses and rogue agents are some of the primary threats players face in The Division’s Dark Zone PvP. For this guide, we will cover several tips for building a character that can deal significant DPS while withstanding a substantial amount of damage. Both of these attributes will help you survive and thrive in Dark Zone PvP.

Best Class Loadout

A decent class loadout is one of the main factors that determines a player’s success in both PvP and PvE aspects of The Division. As you level up and progress through the game, you should be constantly swapping out your weapons and gear in order to increase your overall stats.

Weapon Loadout Tips

When selecting a weapon, your primary focus should be on the its DPS (Damage Per Second). Be careful not to confuse this with the weapon’s actual damage per bullet, as this is a different statistic. A weapon’s DPS is mostly determined by a combination of its bullet damage, fire rate, and clip size, assuming each bullet lands on a target.

Success with a high DPS weapon largely depends on your playstyle and accuracy. For example, a light machine gun may have a high DPS, but low accuracy. Missing a number of bullets on your target will greatly reduce your effective DPS output.

For the best DPS output, accuracy, and overall statistics, we recommend using a submachine gun. These weapons tend to have high DPS while also having the added benefit of critical hit chance. Critical hits will amplify the base damage of the weapon, significantly increasing your effective DPS. The high fire rate of submachine guns also allows you to reactively mow down rogue agents and enemies quickly in PvP while on the move, as opposed to a slower weapon like a sniper rifle or LMG.

Note that you can further increase the DPS of your weapons by equipping the best modifications. For assault rifles or SMGs, look into equipping a magazine mod that will increase the clip size, rate of fire, and critical hit chance. If your weapon has relatively low accuracy, consider equipping a mod that provides improved accuracy, stability, and headshot benefits. These attributes will significantly increase the DPS of these fast-firing weapons, allowing you to quickly plow through enemies with ease.

Gear Loadout Tips

Your gear loadout also plays a role in your overall DPS output. Look for gear that offers critical hit chance and critical hit damage bonus attributes, as these perks will significantly bolster the effectiveness of submachine guns. Certain gear, such as gloves, will provide bonus damage to weapons of a specific type. Make sure you equip gear with bonuses that match your preferred weapon.

While DPS output is important for gunning down foes in the Dark Zone, it is also important to have the right defenses. Select gear that has a high armor rating and additional armor or health bonuses to enhance your defenses. Gear that has increased mobility also helps when trying to evade opponents.

Keep in mind that you can re-roll one bonus attribute on each gear item by using the Recalibration Station in the Tech Wing. Recalibrating the attributes of your gear can turn a decent gear item into a great gear item. However, once you recalibrate an attribute on a gear item, no other attribute can be changed on the same piece of gear other than the bonus you already changed. Consider your options at the Recalibration Station, and re-roll your bonus attributes carefully.

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Best Skills and Talents for PvP

Skills and talents must also be taken into consideration when building the best character for PvP. If you’re looking to further increase your damage output, we recommend using the Pulse ability with the Tactical Scanner mod. This mod allows you to deal additional damage to any hostile targets who were marked by your Pulse scan, significantly enhancing your overall damage output. Upgrade the Quarantine unit of the Medical Wing in the Base of Operations to unlock the Pulse modifications.

For a damage and healing boost, consider using the First Aid ability with the Booster Shot mod. First Aid allows you to quickly heal yourself and recover from damage sustained during PvP combat, while also increasing your overall damage output for a short duration. When used appropriately, this ability allows you to bounce back after taking damage and seek revenge on your opponent.

Regarding the Signature Skills, we recommend using the Survivor Link for better sustain during combat. The Recovery Link skill is useful during PvE missions or other group activities, but is a bit too slow for the fast paced nature of the Dark Zone. The Tactical Link skill is useful for maximizing your damage and critical hit output.

Although DPS is important, it won’t mean much if you are constantly getting gunned down. When it comes to PvP survival, you will need to consider improving your defensive and sustain capabilities as well. That’s where the Survivor Link comes in.

The Survivor Link signature skill reduces incoming damage by a whopping 80% while also increasing the user’s movement speed by 30%. The Survivor Link not only allows you to withstand a significant amount of damage, but its increased movement speed bonus allows you to evade enemies and avoid taking additional damage altogether. Upgrade the Barracks in the Security Wing of the Base of Operations to unlock this signature skill.

One of the best talents for Dark Zone PvP is called On The Move. This talent reduces incoming damage for a short duration after killing a hostile while moving. On The Move pairs well with the aforementioned Survivor Link skill, as they both provide incentives for staying mobile. In Dark Zone PvP, anticipate a lot of running and gunning, especially when facing rogue agents and hostile mobs near an extraction point. While cover still undoubtedly plays a large role in PvP survival, there are benefits for high mobility as well.

The One Is None talent can also greatly improve your survivability in PvP. This talent offers a 50% chance to save a bullet upon landing a headshot on a hostile target. The Police Up talent offers a similar chance to refill ammo, but requires killing hostiles with a skill.

One Is None offers better chances and is somewhat easier to pull off during combat. If you can consistently land headshots on your opponents, this talent can effectively increase the longevity of your ammunition. Headshots will also neutralize enemies quickly, allowing you to win each encounter and come out on top.

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Consider the tips in this guide when building your character, and you will have a much greater chance of surviving PvP in the Dark Zone. We hope you found these tips helpful. Head over to’s The Division Walkthrough and Guide for more useful tips, features, and intel locations.

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