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Where To Eat The Best Loco Moco Oahu ? Best Loco Moco Honolulu, Hi

Liliha Bakery

For the classic dish done right, this 65-year-old favorite serves it with a grilled hamburger patty piled over white rice and smothered with warm gravy and fried, runny eggs. It comes in two different sizes for the hungry and extra hungry. Added bonus: a side of their infamous butter roll is included with your meal — perfect for sopping up stray gravy that somehow didn’t already make its way to your mouth.

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The Pineapple Room by Alan Wong

The Pineapple Room

As one of the creators of Hawaiian regional cuisine, Alan Wong turns the classic comfort food into a gourmet dish. Made with Kuahiwi Ranch beef, the plate comes with two island eggs topped with a small scoop of lomi salmon, and served with kalua pig fried rice in a shallow pool of veal jus. Ringing in at $21, their version is one the most expensive offerings on this list, but we think it’s worth every penny.

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Papa Ole’s

Served all day long, this windward-side diner’s regular size Moco, the Loco Aina Special, comes with thick beef patties, three fried eggs, gravy and a mountain of rice, with portions that nearly overflow the plate. Less hearty eaters can opt for the “mini” portion, which is still big enough to stuff you silly.

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Okay, so this restaurant isn’t in Oahu, but it’s hard to talk loco mocos without including one of the godfathers of the local comfort food. Many claim to have invented the dish, but local lore says either Lincoln Grill or Cafe100 created the starchy meal in 1949. While the former has since gone to diner heaven, the latter still serves itstrademarked loco moco, with chicken, fish, vegetables, or sausages, in addition to the classic hamburger patty.In addition to all that, C100 also offers a Super Loco that includes Portuguese sausage, Spam, and beef, topped with the requisite brown gravy and your choice style of eggs. With a side of mac salad! For less than $8!

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Summer Nakaishi is a freelance writer for and thinks the best part of a loco moco is a perfectly fried egg — crispy on the outside, but runny on the inside.

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