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Where To Eat The Best Onion Rings In San Diego, Where To Eat The Best Onion Rings In The World

Jeremy Pritchard:Hands down the best BBQ in town…Broham Sandwich with the Coleslaw on the bun + onion rings and a cold bottle of Lost Abbey…amazing!

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Stephanie Lam:Seriously the best onion rings around! Small is more than enough to share with 2 other people

Rose:The slaw cuts the heaviness of the sauce nicely. Baby back ribs are the best thing on the menu. Onion rings are a must try.

David Huber:Order a hamburger and “SAC” it – Swiss, American, Cheddar! Fries are great but onion rings are a must – one basket feeds 3-4 persons. Don’t miss antique shops and VFW Thrift shop up the street!

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Sindie HP:Wow! The milkshakes are huge! And the onion rings are awesome.!! Can’t wait for my burger!

Hoppocrates Hoppocrates:Don’t Unrap your burger if u get bacon and yes you must get bacon!!! Reason is it drips out all the goodness so keep it wrapped. Onion rings n shakes are also amazing.

Jodi McRae:Best onion rings and great burgers!

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La Jolla Mom:I’m just not sure if there’s a better burger. I like the one with the blue cheese and grilled onions with a side of onion rings. No diets here!

Zeynep:Onion rings are awesome !! Cheapest and delicious hamburger place in SD

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