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Wilbur Wright College Library Databases, City Colleges Of Chicago

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Wilbur Wright CollegeLibrary is temporarily closed due to COVID19 precautions but librarians are still available to help with your research needs. Click the image above to ask a librarian!

Spring 2021 Chat Hours:

Every day from 8am to 10pm

New! Schedule an appointment with a librarian for research help!

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On campus we are logged in automatically. Off-campus, you should log in with your credentials.Use keywords (e.g. Shakespeare AND criticism; Macbeth AND guilt; Hamlet AND Ophelia AND madness) in combination to get the most relevant results. Generally, the databases will look in the title, abstract, and subject terms (these are tags that describe the topics discussed) to provide results. Avoid words like what, in, the, how, etc.Many databases provide full-text access as well as abstract-only access. Always click full-text if given the option!Change the date range to get more recent results.

Boolean Operators

Put quotation marks around your search terms to find an exact phrase​

Refine or widen your search results with “AND,” “OR,” “NOT.”​


Many databases allow you to use a ? in place of a letter


Use an asterisk to search for words where more than one letter might differ

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