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Who Are The Best Houston Best Tattoo Artist S, Best Tattoo Artist Houston, Tx

Here are some of the best Houston tattoo artists and shops according to our research. If you think we should add anyone to the list or if you see anything that should be edited, contact us by clicking here

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There are a lot of highly-rated tattoo shops in the Houston area, but one that seems to always be near the top of people’s lists is 713 Tattoo Parlour. The reason why so many people seem to like this place is because it is a clean studio and everyone that works there is knowledgeable, skilled, and friendly to everyone that comes through their doors. Regardless of whether you are getting your very first tattoo or you are just trying to get more great ink, chances are you will end up liking your experience at 713 Tattoo Parlour.

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If you take a look at 713 Tattoo Parlour and you think it’s not for you, don’t worry because you have a lot of other great tattoo studio options to choose from. What really matters is that you end up going to a shop in the area where you feel comfortable and where you think you will get a fantastic tattoo. The key is to search around online and get a look at what the different tattoo shops in Houston look like and the types of people that they hire. This type of research doesn’t take very long but it will greatly increase your chances of ending up with a tat that you are happy with.

A lot of people choose where to get their tattoos based on the atmosphere and reputation of the shops they’re interested in, but plenty of others instead choose where to go based on the artists they want to work with. Some of the very best tattooists in the Houston, Texas area include Jason Martinelli, Sapo Boijseauneau, Bob Correnti, Chuck Jones, Chris Ayala, and Tracy Lambright. All of these artists are known for having cool and unique styles and they have reputations for being respectful to everyone that sits in their chairs. If you do end up hiring one of these people, you should be very confident that they will do a good job with any type of tattoo idea that you throw at them.

Finding a tattoo artist used to be a pretty tough task, but these days it is quite simple as long as you know the type of tattoo you want to get and your price range. Most shops have websites and social media pages these days, so you can get a feel for what’s available from the comfort of your home. Of course, you will want to pick out two or three that you like the most and then drive on over to them so you can make your final choice.

You should feel lucky that you are in Houston if you are looking to get a tattoo since you have a lot of fantastic shop and artist options, which isn’t the case in most other cities around the country. No matter what size or type of tattoo you want to get, you should be able to find a great shop and artist to work with if you just do a little bit of research beforehand.

Houston is the largest city in Texas and is the fourth largest city in America. With a population of around 2.3 million people, this Texas city is the largest city in the southern United States with a land area of 599.59 square miles. Houston is located on the southeast side of Texas next to the Gulf of Mexico. Houston also has the fifth largest metropolitan area in the country that adds up to well over 6 million people. The economy in Houston consists of a huge industrial base ranging from energy and aeronautics to transportation. With so many people in such a large city, there is a strong culture to the atmosphere with many things to do and explore through this historic city.


During 1836, two brothers by the names of Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen, also known as the Allen brothers, bought from Elizabeth E. Parrott the south half of the lower league. The land was bought for just 5,000 dollars, 1000 of this was paid in cash and the rest were written out as notes, or checks. A couple of days after the Allen brothers purchased the land, they advertised it through the newspapers and named the area after the president, Sam Houston. The two brothers were then able to get Texas to grant the city as the states temporary capital even agreeing to getting the city a Capital building. Houston only started out with a dozen or so people in the beginning of 1837 but by the end of the year population skyrocketed to over 1500 other residents.

In 1839, the town of Houston had a decreased in population due to what was called a yellow fever epidemic. This epidemic was killing 1 out of every 8 residents of Houston in which the capital was then turned over to Austin, Texas instead. Although the city had its setbacks, they still persisted in becoming a commercial center. Using the Buffalo Bayou for access to Galveston and the Gulf of Mexico. Profit was turned by selling to farmers and also shipping produce out for the farmers to Galveston.

1860 was a year that changed it all for the city of Houston. This was the year that they constructed railways for the export of cotton. Houston served as a headquarters for the General known as General John Bankhead Magruder during the American Civil War. After the Civil War, the people of Houston urged an extensive railway system for trading goods. The demand was met and by 1890, Houston was the center of railroads in Texas.

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In 1945, the Texas Medical Center was constructed by the M.D. Anderson Foundation. Since this was right after the second world war, Houston became a mainly port driven city as it was before the war started. Because of this, the city was able to get rid of some of the unincorporated areas to expand the size of the Texas Medical Center.

Today, Houston is most well known for its energy industry. Oil and gas are what dominates this industry, as well as aeronautics and its biomedical research. As of recently, the city has been seeing the renewable resources being put to work. Wind and solar energy are now being adapted into the cities energy sources for a greener environment.


Houston has a climate that is known as the humid subtropical climate. This form of climate normally lies on the southeast are of a state, just as Houston does with Texa
s. This climate is characterized by its hot summers and mild to even warm winters. These summers are not only long and hot, but very humid as well. Although this area of Texas is not exactly prone to tornadoes like much of the rest of the state, it still gets many thunderstorms throughout the year, making the way for tornadoes to form.

Rainfall is frequent in Houston, almost one third of the year it seems to be raining. With the annual precipitation of rainfall at 50 inches per year, there are many parts of the city that are at high risk of being flooded. These areas are normally the ones with flat topography, when the rain falls, it has nowhere to really go since the land is so flat in these areas. This is such a problem with the city that there has never been more deaths or property loss due to floods than there have been in Houston, Texas. Due to recent events, Houston has been said to be one of the worst cities with air pollution. The industries that are situated along the river are the main causes of this.

Arts and Culture

Houston, Texas has a population consisting of mostly those from south of the border of Mexico. Over 1.1 million of Houston’s residence were born outside of the United States. Houston also has a large Asian population as well.

Every year, the city holds an event known as the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This is the longest running event of its kind, lasting up to 20 days total. It is the largest livestock and rodeo in the world. Not only is this an even that people from all over come to attend, there are other events and celebrations that are held in the city. The Art Car Parade, Houston Auto Show, The Houston International Festival, Bayou City Arts Festival, and Houston Greek Festival are just some of the festival and celebrations that they have in the city every year.

A great area to visit if you are a tourist would be the Houston Theatre District. This is a district that consists of nine major performing arts centers, halls, and organizations. It is the second largest theatre with the most seats in a downtown city in all of America. These venues attract many broadway shows, operas, ballets, and other performing art performances.

Taking a walk in nature is always a nice way to begin the day. Houston is home to 337 different parks. There are also many zoos, history, and science museums that are very popular among the people of Houston. Out of all the 10 most populous areas in America, Houston has the greenest space and parks.

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Houston, Texas has a rich tattoo history. Featuring shops such as Texas Tattoo Emporium, Big Kat’s Tattoo & Barbershop, 713 Tattoo Parlour, Scorpion Studios, and Sacred Hear Studio, Houston is a great destination if you’re looking for some new ink. With a population of around 2,145,000, there are lots of potential customers for the parlors in town. Yelp currently lists 77 different shops when searching for “tattoo” in Houston. Google Places lists 244 different tattoo shops in the Houston area, which shows how competitive the city truly is. Scorpion Studios currently boasts one of the largest selections of artists in the area, listing the following artists on their site: Dan Martin, Tracy Lambright, Kevin Poon, Gabriel Massey, Big Gabe Bayles, and Chris Ayala. When doing research for your artist, we suggest not paying too much attention to price because quality is much more important when you’re going to be living with the artwork for the rest of your life.

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