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How Effective Is Gsuite Email With Cold Email Marketing, Want To Send Cold Emails B2B

#1: The Basics

a) Never use your primary domain: When you send cold emails, there’s always a chance of recipients marking it as spam — and this can affect your email deliverability. If you use your primary domain then it might get marked as spam — and, not only will your cold emails bounce as spam, but even your non-cold emails might also bounce. So, buy a few domains related to your primary domain for your cold email outreach campaigns — example, if your primary domain is, buy few domains like,,, Avoid .com domains for sending cold emails as they are more likely to be checked for spam.

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b) Use G Suite to send emails: Most of the email marketing platforms like Mailchimp are good for opt-in emails. For cold emails, G Suite is a great option. Avoid free email accounts for sending cold mails — like,

You can create couple of email addresses using the domains you purchased for your cold outreach campaign. Like, if you have domain ‘’ — you can create email accounts using your team members’ names like, jane.doe, john.doe

G Suite has a daily email sending limit — it’s best not to exceed 200 emails per day per email account. G Suite wants to make sure you use emails ‘like a human’, and if you send too many emails it thinks you are mass mailing/spamming and it can block/suspend your account. Stick to the sending limit of 200 per account.

You can use tools like MixMax, Yesware, Mailshake to automate sending emails using your G Suite account.

c) DNS settings: SPF, DKIM, _dmarc

Create SPF record

Type: TXT

Value: v=spf1 ~all

Create DMARC record

Type: TXT

Name: _dmarc

Value: v=DMARC1; p=none; rua=mailto:postmaster
; adkim=r; aspf=r; sp=none

Follow these steps for DKIM

This is how these look like in your DNS settings –

d) Warm up your domain: It takes ~4 weeks for your domain to warm up. So, till then send 25 emails/day (best to start with 10 emails/day), 3 times a week — you can gradually increase it every week. For the first few weeks, make sure you keep testing your email deliverability and spamminess — you can use EmailAnalyzer, or Mail-tester.

e) Make sure your emails have a reply-to header.

f) It always helps to associate the new emails you created in step #1.b with public social / network profiles— so that Google/Bing see them associated with these profiles. Example, add it as a secondary email in LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook profile where the profiles can be searched publicly.

g) Respect Unsubscribes: If someone doesn’t want your emails, do not bother them. It’s not only a legal requirement (per CAN-SPAM), but also uncool to keep emailing someone who clearly told you not to.

h) Avoid sending to alias (like, hello or personal email addresses (like, janedoe
. Send to individuals, at their work email addresses.

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#2: Target smartly

You don’t want to waste your time on any Tom, Dick or Harry… so make sure you reach out to the right prospects.

Target smartly. Build a lead list that can potentially close faster.

Get a list of the people who follow your competitors on Twitter. These people are actively engaging with your competitors, so they’re likely to be high quality leads. Using either Followerwonk or Smart Lead List, type in your competitors’ Twitter handles, and download their followers’ details into a .csv file. Here’s a step-by-step guide that explains how to do this.

Next, use to flesh out your prospects’ profiles. Just upload your .csv file, and will cobble together a full profile, including their company, title, work email, personal email, and more. That’s all there is to it!

You can find few more unconventional and clever ideas for building targeted lead lists here and here.

#3: It’s all about segmenting

As compared to non-segmented campaigns, segmented campaigns have a 100.95% higher click-through rate (CTR). No, that’s not a typo. Yes, segmenting is THAT powerful.

Here’s the idea: you want to put your prospects into different buckets based on their industry, title, location, company size, what product they’re interested in, etc. Once you’ve segmented them, you’ll be able to tailor your pitch more specifically to each “type” of prospect. You absolutely should customize your pitch for each segment — it’s totally worth it.

#4: Craft a compelling subject line

Subject lines are super important, because they influence whether your prospect is going to take that extra time to actually open and read your email.

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DON’T go with something generic such as:

Supercharge your marketing campaigns with our new automation softwareCompanyName’s newly-launched campaign monitoring toolNext-generation cyber defense software for your company

So, what makes a good email subject line? As a general rule of thumb, your subject line should either convey an amazing benefit or induce curiosity (ideally, it’ll be able to do both). And it should be short and crisp — preferably under 5 words.

Here are a few examples:

2x your inbound leads like AcmeA savings of $75K for Acme

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