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Best Beer With Buffalo Wings &Mdash; Full Glass Hospitality, Beer Pairing: What To Drink With Buffalo Wings

Photo: grandriver (Getty Images)

July 29 is a special day for fans of finger foods who don’t worry about getting hot sauce all over their arms and potentially clothing. That’s because this is the date when we celebrate National Chicken Wing Day. The day when, even though Andrew Cuomo disagrees, it’s OK to eat a plate of boneless or regular wings as a meal. But, to truly enjoy your hot sauce-slathered meal, you’re going to need to wash it down with the right beer.

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Lucky for you, we’re experts at picking the best frosty, frothy, thirst-quenching, and sometimes palate-cleansing beers to pair with saucy, spicy chicken wings. Check them all out below.

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Karbach Lil” Chela

If you’re looking for a light beer that will help temper the heat of your favorite chicken wings, don’t go with one of the large, mass-produced brands. Grab a light, refreshing, and totally crushable Lil” Chela.

Photo: Karbach

Lagunitas IPA

Sometimes, when it comes to wings, you want to pair heat with heat. That is, the dry, bitter, floral hops in the Lagunitas IPA will work in unison with the spicy sauce your wings are slathered in.

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Photo: Lagunitas

Founders Mas Agave

Mas Agave is a different beer. It’s barrel-aged imperial lime gose and it pretty much tastes like a margarita because it was aged in tequila barrels. Since we already love drinking margaritas while we eat spicy Mexican food, it only makes sense that this beer works perfectly with spicy wings.

Photo: Founders

North Coast Scrimshaw

There’s a reason this fresh, crisp pilsner is a favorite of brewers and drinkers alike. This 4.5 European-style pilsner is dry and subtly hoppy and pairs perfectly with the spiciest wings.

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