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Davidson College John Montgomery Belk Scholarship, John Montgomery Belk Scholarship

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Passionate Students. Critical Thinkers. Future Leaders.

Built on John M. Belk’s passion for education, we carry out his legacy by working to connect all students to a meaningful education.

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The John Montgomery Belk Scholarship – Davidson College

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John Belk’s love for his alma mater stayed with him throughout his life. His experience at Davidson is one he felt passionately about paying forward. In the early 1990s, John established the John Montgomery Belk Scholarship, following up with an historic gift in 2000 to endow the program. Today, it is one of our nation’s most prestigious and generous undergraduate scholarships. Each scholarship provides comprehensive funding inclusive of tuition, fees, and room and board, in addition to study stipends. The scholarship is unique in that it allows for great flexibility in the on- and off-campus opportunities each recipient chooses to explore. These experiences, coupled with the school’s renowned academic programs, deepen recipients’ intelligence, maturity, and global understanding. Scholarship candidates must lead with a strong moral compass, and embody humility, compassion and a good sense of humor, just as John himself did. In addition to possessing these traits, a John M. Belk Scholar may be described as the following:

A Challenge Seeker – Embraces a multi-dimensional lifestyle, giving rich evidence of intellectual depth and academic achievement, as well as accomplishment in other meaningful activities. Demonstrates tireless resiliency to overcome obstacles and apply lessons learned.An Intellectual Explorer – Exudes an eagerness to learn, within every facet of life. Generates and engages with original ideas, seriously and articulately, striving to enrich his or her own understanding, as well as that of others.A Servant Leader – Maintains an extraordinary, altruistic strength of character, including confidence combined with integrity and empathy, and a tremendous regard for collaboration. Vigorous and strong in mind and spirit.

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A Change Agent – Acts as a catalyst for community improvement, making unique connections in order to bring about positive change.

“My goal is to join potential together with challenge by bringing this nation’s best students to learn and lead at Davidson College.”

-John Montgomery Belk (’43).

Currently over 100 alumni scholars are out working in a variety of professions, interacting with the students at Davidson now, and making a significant impact on the world around them.

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For more information about the John Montgomery Belk Scholarship, and the scholars themselves, visit the Davidson website.

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