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‎ Dragon Blaze Best Allies To Love In Dragon Blaze, Dragon Blaze Guide

Probably one of the best Ally in the game with her strong Crowd Control utilities.

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Expulsion from Eden – Inflicts 319% damage on all enemies and stuns for 10 sec (50% chance)Salvation – Restores 100% HP for one ally (excluding self) and resets the cooldown for active skills. It’s a must to upgrade this skill. Army of Gods – Casts a shield of 120% for 21 sec on all party members in preparation for Mymael’s attack.Wings of Resurrection – Revives and restores 100% HP for all party members (excluding self) in the moment of death.

Draco Blackaria (Healer)

Although not the best healer in game, Draco Blackaria is an all-rounder thanks to her ultimate skill “Heaven’s Requiem”, when she dies, she makes all party members invincible for 8 sec. This skill effect can change the situation in Arena or Dungeon.

Llywelyn the Fiery (Archer)

Probably the Best Single Target DPS Ally in game, because of her buffs;

God’s Flames – Increases self’s ATK by 76%, DEF Penetration by 47, and ATK Speed by 70% for 25 sec.

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Weakness Discovery – Attacks enemies with the lowest STA and DEF first.

This 2 skills alone makes her very valuable in PVP as she’s able to help me quickly take down opponent’s Supportive Ally in the Arena.

Draco Brightspark (Mage)

Another AAA Supportive DPS Ally that I have in my team, Thanks to her ultimate active skill Angel of Death, while she is inflicting damage it will steals HP from all enemies for 4 sec and becomes invulnerable, and also Enemies will be stunned. She can survive in any situation as long as her skill is ready to cast.

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Draco Bloodwind (Archer)

He is very strong when team up with “Llywelyn the Fiery”, they become the Best Combo that I ever had for the World Bosses. Thanks to his Skill Storm of Arrows which decreases the enemy’s DEF and Blood Storm, which inflicts damage on all enemies and 25% additional damage (immune to dispel).

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