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Florida Coal Cracker Chronicles: Fsu Late Night Library Tallahassee Fl, 32304

S / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $29.50 S / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $29.50 S / Ladies Raceback Tank – $30.00 S / Ladies-cut Slate Cotton – $29.50 S / Maroon Thermal Hoodie – $40.00 S / Long-sleeve Black Cotton – $34.00 M / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $29.50 M / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $29.50 M / Ladies Raceback Tank – $30.00 M / Ladies-cut Slate Cotton – $29.50 M / Maroon Thermal Hoodie – $40.00 M / Long-sleeve Black Cotton – $34.00 L / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $29.50 L / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $29.50 L / Ladies Raceback Tank – $30.00 L / Ladies-cut Slate Cotton – $29.50 L / Maroon Thermal Hoodie – $40.00 L / Long-sleeve Black Cotton – $34.00 XL / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $29.50 XL / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $29.50 XL / Ladies Raceback Tank – $30.00 XL / Ladies-cut Slate Cotton – $29.50 XL / Maroon Thermal Hoodie – $40.00 XL / Long-sleeve Black Cotton – $34.00 XS / Ladies Raceback Tank – $30.00 2XL / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $29.50 2XL / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $29.50 2XL / Ladies-cut Slate Cotton – $30.00 2XL / Maroon Thermal Hoodie – $42.00 2XL / Long-sleeve Black Cotton – $34.00 3XL / Men”s Lightweight Indigo Cotton – $31.00 3XL / Men”s Lightweight Charcoal Heather – $31.00

“If my mom calls, tell her I”m at the “Library”!” One of the most brilliant bar names (and excuses) ever…and used by many, MANY, FSU students back in the day. Dancing, drinking and general late-night partying was the norm at the Late Night Library, where patrons often ended their evenings out on the town…it was the last stop for most as the place stayed open WAY too late (see the name) and the smoky rooms and live bands created an epic atmosphere of serious fun and determined mayhem. If you”ve got a story (or two) from the Library, email it to us! We want to hear some real anecdotes from the survivors of this great spot.

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