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How do I remove unwanted apps from my Jio phone?


Just open your Notification panel and access settings,then go to my apps >>select an app you wanna uninstall/delete then tap uninstall. And you’re done.

Remove unwanted apps from my Jio phone:

If you have purchased the Jio phone and thinking how to remove unwanted apps from your phone, then there is no need of worry. You can easily uninstall or delete any application on your jio phone with few steps below.

There are two ways for uninstalling or deleting an app on Jio Phone.

Through MyJio App – Download MyJio App by visiting play store in your mobile, open it and Login using your registered mobile number. After login, click on profile(in upper right corner)>click on settings>select Apps & Games option under it>You will see all installed applications here. Click on the desired app which you want to delete/uninstall >after that you will see three vertical dots>select uninstall option after clicking on it.

This same process you can follow for Uninstalling any Jio Apps from your jio phone.

Through Phone MenU – First of all open apps in your jio phone by pressing home button>After opening the app drawer, again press the home button>In the bottom right corner of screen click on more(three vertical dots) >click on settings >you will see list of installed apps here, select desired app which you want to delete/uninstall>after that you will see three vertical dots>select uninstall option after clicking on it.

This same process you can follow for Uninstalling any Jio Apps from your jio phone.

Note :- For deleting Jio Apps from your phone, you need to follow these steps.

If you have already received a call on this number then wait for 24 hours since the call was received. If you have not tried calling back then it will be considered as number is busy or unreachable and the feature will be activated within 30 days.

How to Delete Apps in jio Phone

Uninstall All Jio Phone Apps! Uninstall Jio Helpline App Without Pc

Where can I download an app for my JIO Phone?

It is not possible to download apps through the JIO Store.
You will have to Download APK files onto your phone, use a file manager app as well as access internet on Mobile Data.
APKs are available from third party stores such as Google Play Store and Amazon App store. One can also search for APKS on google play store but make sure you choose the version of apps meant for JIO Phone.

How can I clear cache on a jio phone?

Clearing cache on a jio phone is as easy as pie.
1. Turn off the Jio phone 2. Long tap and press settings 3. Next, scroll down and tap the storage option 4. Tap ‘Cached app data’ 5)Press ‘Clear cached data.’ 6)Safety tapping OK to confirm. 7) This process will take about 15-30 minutes and will delete all stored cache with android apps on your Jio phone with zero side effects! 8)Turn your Jio phone back on after clearing the cached data. 9)This should be enough to clear up any minor problems you may be dealing with such as stuttering or freezing during games or any internal system malfunctions. 10)And to clear up any problems that may arise, I suggest you reboot your phone after clearing these apps cached data.

What is the difference between google play store and Jio shop app on Jio Phone?

The Google Play Store is a service for downloading and installing Android apps on your Jio Phone. The newly launched Jio Shop app offers 200+ partner apps, available exclusively to Jio users, with more on the way.

What is device specific data on jio phone?”

Device-specific data is the phone and SIM information stored in your Jio account. Please Note: This bot generates answers to questions, not general web searches. Please limit input only to the format “


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