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I Cannot Reply To Email S But Send New One On My Ipad 2? Cannot Reply To The Newsletter

I cannot reply to emails on my iPad 2, but if I compose a new one it will send it fine. This is a new problem as it was working fine before and there have been no changes.

I use a Telstra Micro SIM and an optus email address.

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There have been changes, somehow, somewhere. What’s happening is your incoming and outgoing settings don’t match up somehow. Check your authentication settings as well. –user479 Aug 16 “11 at 1:57
I believe that what is happening is that you have multiple email accounts setup, and when you go to compose you are using the outgoing of account A, and when you reply/forward you are attempting to use the outgoing of account B.

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So to fix, check your outgoing account settings for the account that you cannot reply emails for.

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Usually deleting an app or an account and re-downloading it / reentering your account details—with a hard restart in between—will fix such errors.

Thanks all. I have cured the problem by deleting a Yahoo account which shared the same e mail address as BT.

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