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Top 10 Best Traction Basketball Shoes 2016, The Best Basketball Shoes With Traction Of 2021

In this article, I’ll break down numerous types of basketball shoes with excellent traction that can help improve your game.

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I have spent more than 20 years playing basketball. In that time I’ve used a wide range of different shoes. That first-hand experience enabled me to properly review the numerous models outlined in the following sections.

In my opinion, the Adidas Crazy Explosive is the best high-traction basketball shoe because it offers a strong grip without sacrificing performance, durability, or style.

The shoe offers a strong blend of power, agility, and stability. It looks great as well. You get various high-end aspects, including a TPU stability wrap and anatomical lace system, inside an attractive eye-popping design. There’s also plenty of support to prevent pain or injuries.

However, there are many other solid traction basketball shoes out there. If you’re curious about other models, I break down the best ones below.

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Top Traction Basketball Shoes

Quick Summary

Who Should Get This?

Every single basketball player, regardless of position or play style, can make use of good traction. You never want to slide on the court, and proper grip helps you run, stop, and dribble with ease. Those who like to jump or dunk a lot will love it as well because it helps them take off.

Extra grip helps you stick to the floor, which makes the following shoes perfect for those who like to cut or drive. However, post players who need to plant or enhance their footwork will love them too. No matter where or how you play, you need traction to perform well.

Top Traction Basketball Shoes

This section goes over the shoes with the best traction on the market and explains why they stand out from similar models.

1. Adidas Crazy Explosive

Best for: VersatilityKey Features: Light and low design. Strong sole and outsole. Breathable design. Lightstrike cushioning.Construction: SyntheticSole: RubberUpper: Textile

The Dame 7’s are a great pair of shoes that come with wonderful traction, as well as a strong base that offers both support and mobility. They have a lower design that helps you move and actively increases agility, two features that make them perfect for guards who need to cut.

Another bonus of the pair is that they are incredibly comfortable. The Lightstrike cushioning offers a lot of impact support for when you’re running or jumping, while the lightweight design creates a surprisingly amount of breathability. That perfectly complements the tough grip.

These shoes give you just about everything you need in a versatile model. Just note that they do look a bit plain, which may put some people off. The look might work for some, but there are flashier items on the market. They also lack a bit in terms of long-lasting durability.

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Best Traction Basketball Shoes: What to Look For

These aspects are all vitally important to ensuring the shoe you get best matches your needs.

Tread Pattern

All shoes come with their own unique pattern. While there is no absolute best one, the options featured in the above sneakers come with special treads that go beyond basic basketball shoes. Look for different treads when possible and get one that gives your play style the best grip.

The goal is to find a pattern that matches your game. If you’re a guard or someone who relies on agility, get a pattern that provides extra agility or the ability to quickly turn. If you’re a big guy, you likely want a traction pattern that enhances jumping or helps you stay in place during a rebound.


Every shoe you use out on the court needs to be durable. This is especially true for traction because good grip won’t do much if it wears down in a month. Always get strong options that come from well-known brands. That will give you quality assurance and peace of mind.

When looking for durable shoes, the materials you pick should reflect where and how often you play. If you have special game shoes that you only wear inside, you don’t need to focus on their construction as much as you would getting strong shoes for outdoor courts.


Though it’s far from the first aspect you need to look for, style always matters. If you’re someone who cares how they look on the court, don’t be afraid to go with a model that looks sharp. That can include a style, design, pattern, or simply how the shoe has been constructed.

This should always come after finding the other traits you need, but once you have a few options don’t be afraid to go out of your way to get something that’s flashy or fun. There are many colors and designs on today’s market. Get one that you’re proud to show off.

Useful Tips and Resources

All shoes need grip. It doesn’t matter if you play on a d
usty outdoor court or a clean indoor gym, being able to stick to the floor enables you to cut, move, run, and jump to the best of your abilities. As such, it’s important to learn how to get more grip on your shoes.

Once you get more grip, you’ll be able to cut more easily. If you want to stop or change directions in a way that helps you throw off defenders or get open, check out this video to see some good cuts you can add to your game.

My Verdict

I believe that no high-traction basketball shoe goes above and beyond the Adidas Crazy Explosive. The pair isn’t just stylish, it has a unique feel that’s both soft on your feet and allows you the full flexibility to take advantage of the strong grip as you run around the court.

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The shoe offers a little bit of everything beyond the extensive grip, including ample support and durable construction. It’s lightweight too. If you want something that hugs the hardwood while also offering other premium traits, it’s hard to better than the Crazy Explosive.

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