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Your Guide To 27 Of The Best Wings In Birmingham Al, 18 Places To Find Tasty Chicken Wings In Alabama

Saw’s Soul Kitchen, 41st Street S., Birmingham. Find their Facebook page here. Saw’s Juke Joint, 1115 Dunston Ave., Birmingham. Find their Facebook page here.

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Yes, Saw’s is known for its barbecue. But don’t overlook their wings, which are dipped in red sauce then drizzled in white sauce. Yum, yum, yum. ( file photo)

The chain, which began in Jacksonville, serves up world-class wings. Choose from 15 sauces, but remember our recommendation: Order it double dipped, where it’s dipped in spicy turbo sauce then refried. (Photo by Matt Wake/mwake

You’ll love this Birmingham institution’s fried chicken wings — make sure to order them “lisbdnet.coml the way,” which means they’re slathered with lots of hot sauce and ketchup for a nice kick. But don’t stop there: make sure you order some fried green tomatoes, too. They’re terrific.

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Oh, these wings. Baumhower’s serves up some of the tastiest wings you will ever eat. And there are plenty of sauce options, ranging from PB&J to Vidlisbdnet.comia Onion, so even the pickiest eaters will be sure to find something they’ll like. (Facebook photo)

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The Mobile wing joint serves up boneless and wings with plenty of sauces to choose from. Some interesting ones? Mango habanero, hot honey garlic and sriracha glaze. Yum. (Courtesy of Wemo’s wings)

From the #Plane to #Crickets… If you never had their wings do yourself a favor and try them out! #TheJerryChronicles Large hot w/ bleu cheese, fries extra crispy and unsweetened tea with extra lemon and 3 Splenda…. Just in case someone wanted to bring me lunch one day

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